Bergen: Monthly meet - Feb 2015

Nettside230The second monthly meet of 2015 took place in Bergen Technical Museum on Monday 2 February. This time 12 members showed up for coffee, cookies and MG smalltalk.

Truls and Peter, for the occation wearing their most sinister school master faces, gave a lecture on the not so obvious parts of the club website. The Centre's bright and shiny new video projector enables us to include YouTube videos and the club website in the meeting programme.

Some of the website resources are not very well known by the members, even if they should be easy enough to find in the website menus. Two such resources are the members database and the MG register. People seemed impressed with the work Truls have done recording data on the cars themselves as well as their history.

We also went through the club calendar and showed how you could import events directly into your own calendar app, like Outlook, Apple iCal or Google Calendar. We even registered a new user on the website. Some of those present had never visited the club website before and was introduced to a completely new MG experience. We can only say they are most welcome.

Reminders of the oncoming deadline to register for the MG Enthusiast Meet in Hallingdal this summer, were given. So far, only 4 cars from Bergen have been registered. Two more expressed their intention to join, which brings the predicted participation from Bergen Centre up to 6. We think that is a respectable number.

The Norwegian MG Meet also appears to be a good one this year. The glossy invitation folder has just been issued and we hope there will be a few participants from Bergen there as well. We look forward to this event.


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