Bergen: Garage Night 2-2015

The Ususal Suspects had once again gathered in the Chicken Shed in Olsvik, this 3rd Monday in February - this time honoured with an important visit from the Great Halls of Power. We must assume that rumours of the grand Garage Nights in Bergen Centre must have spread quickly, since Mr. Deputy Chairman Halvor Asland stopped by to check on the progress of our Great Engine Rebuild. Just like the Premiere last month, we were 8 souls gathered, albeit with a slighly modified cast. We were particularly pleased to see the former Centre Leader, Torbjørn Strandborg, back on his feet and almost completely his old self. 

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IMG 3074 1024pxPhoto: Halvor Asland

We started the night's proceedings armed to the teeth with 4 UNF 3/8" x 4" bolts, selflessly provided by our club mate Are Wang of Kristiansand, ready for the ultimate challenge - fixing the engine to the engine stand. This turned out to be achievable though not without a substantial dose of fuss. The engine bolt holes were unexpectedly shallow, a fact that required ad hoc production of tube spacers made to exacting measure. However the Centre Engineering Department rose to the occation, thus enabling the bolts to enter properly without touching bottom.

 The pictures below presents highlights in the process. (Click on the numbered tabs to flick through the pictures).

Raw footage from the Garage Night here. (Link to YouTube).



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