Bergen: Garage Night 1-2015

 The first organised Garage Night in Bergen Centre has now been entered into history. A small but eager group of gentlemen with ambitions to become better hobby mechanics showed up in Atle's and Eyolf's hobby garage, usually referred to as the Chicken Shed due to it's past being just that, when there were still some elements of agriculture left in the Bergen region. The purpose of these nights is primarily to have fun, but we willl not object if there are learning points to be had. And, how can we learn better than by rebuilding an engine? Even an MGB engine? 

After 55 days of rain and mild temperatures, Monday arrived with clear skies and freezing temperatures. Hence, it was cold in the Chicken Shed this Monday night. Luckily, with the sad exception of the Centre Leader, all participants had sufficient brains to dress according to conditions.

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Shallow head bolts require special handling to avoid rounding the heads.

Atle Grimstad and Truls Sundt are those among us who know what they are doing in a garage. Hence, they are in charge. However, Truls' wrists aren't what they used to be, so his contributions are mostly in the form of guidance, advice and cheerful comments. As a result, Atle is the one doing most of the actual tool handling. At least now in the early stages.

The ambitions for the first garage night should have been quite achievable. The aim was to remove what was left of anciliaries, remove flywheel and back plate and put the engine on an engine stand. Unfortunately we didn't have UNF 3/8" of sufficient length, so we didn't make it past the final bend on the road to the target.

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Bakplate av 640px

Flywheel and back plate removed

 During most of the evening we had a couple of action cameras running in order to capture as much as possible of the goings on. After some initial editing we have a couple of minutes worth of useable raw footage. Hopefully we can make something watchable as we gather more material. In the mean time the raw footage is availabe for scrutiny at this link:




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